By presenting 52 models in GALLERY we follow the idea of posing, that is to show fashion as usual.


Here, MORE is reporting where various models appear in my real life.


Because of travelling we have indicated the locations where pictures were taken.


Photography : Brigitta Hulliger


Garde (20) :  At confiserie Schober, Zurich.

Hiver (34) : At Leopoldskron hotel, Salzburg, new year.

Guépard (II) : Beau Rivage hotel, Geneva.


Important to notice : This is an at least 60 years old skin.

Voyageur (X) :  At isola Bella, Stresa.

Siri (I) : Old town of Zofingen, private portal.

Boutique (22) :  Nice, private home.

Gucci (30) : Nice, private home.

Monseigneur (3) : At the Sacher hotel, lobby, Vienna.



Olé (5) : Center of Marbella, Spain.

El Tumi (VIII) : At Alhambra of Granada, Spain.

Stage (IX) : At the border of lake Lucerne.

Maysore (4) : Exhibition of antiques, Lausanne.

Fleures (26) : At Halm hotel, oriental dining room, Konstanz.

Printemps1 (III) : At island of Mainau, Germany.

Tarzan (IV) : Green house at island of Mainau, Germany.


Important to notice : This is an at least 60 years old skin.

Jardin (V) : At villa Balkany, Piguet, auction exhibition, Nyon.

Beauté2 (29) : At home.

Blanc (VI) : At Negresco hotel, entrance hall, Nice.

Sissi (10) : Shoping at Paris. Repetto is providing elegant, fine shoes for men.

Mondaine (VII) : Street bar, Nice.

Biarritz (1) :  At carouselle restaurant, Negresco hotel, Nice.

Ozelot (35) :  Winter time, Burgdorf.

Printemps2 (Xl ) : Lac Léman, Territe.