Here we present additional models as compared to those in the BOOK.


Photography : Brigitta Hulliger


Garde (20) :  At confiserie Schober, Zurich.

jürg hulliger

Hiver (34) : At Leopoldskron hotel, Salzburg, new year.

Guépard (II) : Beau Rivage hotel, Geneva.


Important to notice : This is an at least 60 years old skin.

Voyageur (X) :  At isola Bella, Stresa.

Siri (I) : Old town of Zofingen, private portal.

Boutique (22) :  Nice, private home.

Gucci (30) : Nice, private home.

Monseigneur (3) : At the Sacher hotel, lobby, Vienna.



Olé (5) : Center of Marbella, Spain.

El Tumi (VIII) : At Alhambra of Granada, Spain.

Stage (IX) : At the border of lake Lucerne.

Maysore (4) : Exhibition of antiques, Lausanne.

Fleures (26) : At Halm hotel, oriental dining room, Konstanz.

Printemps1 (III) : At island of Mainau, Germany.

Tarzan (IV) : Green house at island of Mainau, Germany.


Important to notice : This is an at least 60 years old skin.

Jardin (V) : At villa Balkany, Piguet, auction exhibition, Nyon.

Beauté2 (29) : At home.

Blanc (VI) : At Negresco hotel, entrance hall, Nice.

Sissi (10) : Shoping at Paris. Repetto is providing elegant, fine shoes for men.

Mondaine (VII) : Street bar, Nice.

Biarritz (1) :  At carouselle restaurant, Negresco hotel, Nice.

Ozelot (35) :  Winter time, Burgdorf.

Printemps2 (Xl ) : Lac Léman, Territe.